Welcome to Susanna Farms

Our Story

Susanna Farms began in the 1930s when Steven Jennings (SJ) and Mae O'Bryan purchased several parcels of property in Lake Villa.  They named their land Susanna Farms after each of their mother's Susan and Anna.  Fast forward to the early 2000s when a few of their grandchildren reimagined Susanna Farms on part of the original land as a Fall Festival for families to come and enjoy this land.  The farm closed in 2014 and was reopened in 2019, this time focused on equine-assisted activities, small events, camps, and more for year-round fun. Today, the farm is owned and operated by Laura and Elizabeth Heffernan, granddaughters of SJ and May O'Bryan.  

We can customize your farm experience.  Call us with your ideas or needs and we can help make it happen!


Animal participants for your next meeting or happy hour. 

Brighten your next online meeting or gathering by having one of the Susanna Farms animals join in for the first 10 min.  We can also create a farm tour or guided meditation for your group.  Call or email today to set up a custom Farm-To-Meeting event. 

horse 2.jpeg

Equine Assisted Activities

Susanna Farms works with individuals for a wide range of equine activities including beginner and intermediate riding lessons, therapeutic activities (mounted and non mounted) with equines including horses, a pony, and a mini donkey.  All activities are supervised by a PATH certified riding instructor.  Call or email for more information. 

lh, dog and donkey tied to patience tree

Gather at the farm 

Enjoy a private event on the farm with your friends and family.  We can create a custom farm-to-table dinner or birthday, graduation or wedding event to meet your needs.