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Susanna Farms Foundation

EIN 93-3071264

The Susanna Farms Foundation seeks to serve the physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our clients and communities through equine-assisted activities and somatic practices that enhance their overall well-being.

Foundation Goals



Donations, from individuals and businesses, to our general fund help us keep the farm activities available to our community and to expand garden area and services, as we build new partnerships.

Annual Goal: $20,000



All donations to the scholarship fund directly support individual scholarships for riders and for school groups to come to the farm for equine-assisted activities

Annual Goal: $15,000
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Animal Care

All donations to our animal care fund help cover the cost for feed and care of our animals; including feed, hay, straw, vet bills, horseshoeing and supplements.

Annual Goal: $40,000


Partnership Fund Goal: $20,000.00

To expand services to individuals in need of equine-assisted programs and services through scholarships and partnerships with local social service agencies and to keep, our equine and animal partners in the best physical and mental health throughout the year.

We seek to offer reduced fee programs for our current partners and to expand to create additional mental health offerings with current and new program partners. Including local schools and special needs districts.

Featured Partners

We are proud of our partnership with CYN out of Grayslake which brings their credentialed mental health staff to the farm for equine-assisted programming for their Mentoring Program and their Growing Resilient Teens program.  These partnered programs allow at-risk youth from all over Lake County to come to the farm, learn to groom, tack, and ride horses, and other animal care and gardening activities while engaging in group mental health conversations with CYN staff.  The participants love coming to the farm and gain so much from our integrated approach to supporting their mental and emotional health. 


Scholarship Fund Goal: $15,000.00

We seek to provide 10 scholarships for weekly riding for 9 months of the year; $1,500 per scholarship. Click to apply

Animal Care

Animal Care Fund Goal: $40,000.00

Consider donating to our Animal Care Fund. These funds directly support veterinary care, farrier care, and special medications, supplements, and feed as well as staff to care for the animals year-round.

Meet our Animals

Danny .jpeg


Head Donkey in charge



Horse Manager

Teddy new pic.jpeg


Lead Horse

Betty Boop

Customer Support Horse



HR Horse



Sales Horse



Customer Support Horse



Customer Support Horse

Request a Ride

To request a riding lesson, please fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you.

Riding Lesson Request

Please fill out the following form for the participant. This information will help us understand your needs.

Thank you!

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